A Girl From Nowhere

What is the reason why I'm here and what is this all about.

Well, I'm just an ordinary girl who is trying hard for everything. 
I'm not good at anything.
I've been trying hard to find myself until now.
Where do I belong? What are the things I'm good at?
I love poetry. 
So, I keep on trying write a good poetry. 
But still I'm not good enough.
I love nature. So much!
I love trees, I love ocean, sunrise and sunset's, moons and stars, beaches and lakes, mountains, wood and leaves, everything!
I love the autumn vibes, actually I love all the seasons,
Spring, summer, winter and fall. And Oh, I also love rain.
I love everything about nature. 
I love taking pictures and collecting photos of natures and sharing it on my social media platforms.
I'm trying to take good pictures and putting a good captions.
But still I'm not good enough.
I also love arts and crafts. 
Sometimes, I'm creating new things from the recycled materials,
And luckily, the things turned out well and beautiful.
This will also help our mother nature by reducing plastics and trash.
And yet, I'm not good enough.

But as the time goes by, 
Looking back from all the things that have passed,
I keep on reminding myself, 
that despite of being not good enough,
I have a perfect God. 
Who loves all my imperfections and flaws,
Who knows my weaknesses and strength,
Who sees my worth and loves me unconditionally.
I am just a girl from nowhere, 
Who found a home through Jesus Christ,
Lost and lonely, full of agony.
But now, thankful and grateful,
Happy and contented.

I just realized that,
being yourself is the most important thing to do.
Love yourself first and everybody will love you.
Appreciate yourself first and they will eventually appreciate you.
Respect yourself and be kind to yourself.
And everything will follow.

Through Christ, you will see your worth.
And eventually, found a home. 

From A Girl Who Found Her Home.